New challenges for government organisations

Government has the dual challenges of finding greater efficiency and cost savings, while at the
same time delivering new and enhanced services expected by citizens and stakeholders.

Digital technology is transforming both workplaces and personal lives. The way citizens and local government engage is rapidly changing, through the use of new technology and communication channels, allowing agencies to directly connect with individuals anywhere, anytime.

New expectations around citizen engagement require a fundamental rethink of how local government implements policies and provides services. Successful councils will be those that take the opportunities to harness new ways of service delivery while sustaining existing capabilities in a citizen-centric environment.


Why SMS ?

SMS messaging is an ideal solution for efficient and cost effective communication for government. It ensures messages are read by the right person at the right time. According to Forbes (2013*), an SMS is four times more likely to be opened than an e-mail and 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt.

AGIMO stated recently: “Those who are already using the Internet to contact government are also significant
users of multiple communication channels. 91% of these users use text messaging."

Is your organisation Fit for Mobile?

The Fit for Mobile programme's focus is to implement the mobile channel for effective citizen engagement. How? 

We do this via mobile messaging and payment solutions. Our focus is on providing the best engagement between local governments and its citizens. 

Our focus is not only on the citizen experience but also the government agency in creating a cost-effective and efficient communication plan.

Find out how your organisation can:

  1. Save money through increased mobile self-service
  2. Simplify services and improve service delivery
  3. Encourage innovation
  4. Drive red tape reduction
  5. Increase openness and engagement

We offer a free Fit for Mobile review to discuss how you can implement the mobile channel to achieve real benefits.

Approved Supplier to Government

We are an approved supplier to the New South Wales, Victorian and Queensland Governments, and has been appointed to a Panel for supply of Mobile Services to the Commonwealth of Australia by the Federal Government.

We can help Government agencies reduce red tape, lower the cost of providing government services and
create happier citizens with its range of innovative mobile services and platforms.